Judgement... are you guilty of it? I am.

JUDGEMENT: The dictionary definition is: Labelling other people based on your perception of them.

This is something I have been very guilty of in the past and something I have brought my awareness to and am changing. Who am I to judge someone else? I have no idea who they really are, what they have gone through, what's just occurred in their life.

Who even says my perception is right. We are all so different and yes i may look at something and see a weed, while others see a wildflower. It is not for me to judge that weed with my limited perception of it's origin and background. It’s 100 times better for me to observe that weed with love and acceptance for what it is.

We as humans are all so different; from different cultures, different upbringings, we like different things, have different tastes, enjoy different music, express ourselves differently… so to think that our way is right and everyone else is wrong is... well…wrong.

So I am bringing my awareness to this aspect of my behaviour and now look at people with acceptance rather than judgement. Amazingly this small change in awareness has raised my vibration considerably. I feel lighter and happier when these situations occur. You don’t actually realise how much negativity judgement brings into your world.

If you feel like you are someone who judges others, I encourage you to give acceptance a try… you’ll be amazed at how great it feels.

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