Don't judge your emotions

When talking positivity, being positive, looking at the good in things… this is by no means saying “you have to be happy 100% of the time”.

It’s not physically and emotionally possible to walk around every minute of every day being cheerful, happy and joyous. Worst of all, by doing this you may be suppressing sad / negative feelings which isn’t healthy for you either.

Grief, sadness, sombre, melancholy etc all have a place in our lives. They are there to help us to process an event or situation that has occurred. In those times when you feel these emotions, trying to be happy is pointless (and will do more harm than good). Embrace them and experience them and allow yourself the time to move through them and then when ready, let it go.

Once the sadness has passed, then it’s time to reflect and look for the positive in the event or situation that occurred. To find the benefit and lesson learned from the journey you have just undertaken.

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