Are you a worrier?

As I mother I have tried to promote independence in my two sons as much as i can.

Many times people would ask “aren’t you worried about them”? Even more so as they got older and started to drive cars and stay out til 3:00am.

“Don’t you worry when they go out?" “Aren't you concerned about them having an accident?"

My answer is always “no”.

Sure I could lie there awake all night worrying about all the things that could possibly go wrong whilst they are not at home. But I realised a long time ago that worrying doesn’t change a situation or an outcome. In fact as this quote says, it may even be inviting the negative situations into our world.

So I kiss them goodbye, tell them I love them, tell them to have a great night and trust that I’ve done the best job I can raising them and that they will make decisions for themselves, for their own safety and I sleep soundly all night long.

Actually that’s not true… they wake me up when they come home because I haven’t yet mastered the art of teaching them how to move around the house quietly in the middle of the night.

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