The Explanations


Example one:

One million dollars


Now think about why you want that thing and really drill down on that why, really get to the core reason of why you want it… 

Because I can pay off all my debts

I can go on holiday

I can buy a new car

What do those things mean to you?




What do they bring you?


Happiness is always the end result example...


Take a second right now and think about something you really want in your life?


Example two:

A loving partner


Now think about why you want that thing and really drill down on that why, really get to the core reason of why you want it… 

Because I am lonely

Because I'm sick of dating dickheads

Because my body clock is ticking and I want to have babies

What do those things mean to you?




What do they bring you?


Changing Your Mind Explanation


Changing your mind is a play on words.


Version 1: We change our minds all the time in life. Small changes of our minds (such as what to wear each morning) doesn't really require a lot of process. When we change our minds about larger decisions; we contemplate, weigh up the pro's and con's and then make a decision to change our mind or not.

Version 2: We change our minds by creating new thought patterns, by becoming aware of our beliefs and by conducting healings on ourselves.

So the program CHANGING YOUR MIND invites you to change your mind (version 1) about changing your mind (version 2) so that you can live a happier, more joyful life. The one you deserve to be living.

Don't settle for "this is okay", "this is my lot in life", "this is all there is". None of these are true. You deserve happiness. You deserve to be living a life of your dreams. You just need to change your mind and start moving towards your new life.



Floriology Explanation


After 15 years of running my own business whilst being a single mum, I was a little burnt out and disheartened. I closed down my business (which was causing me enormous stress and was drastically losing money for our family) and went and got a part time job. I hibernated for a year, just working in my job (which I loved; the regular pay was amazing), spent time with my family and really withdrew from the small business world.

After that year, I decided to do something for me. After 15 years of putting my boys first, they were now at a self-sufficient age where I had the luxury of more time on my hands. So I signed up for an 18 month journey doing a Certificate III in Floristry at my local TAFE. I have always loved flowers and at some point in my teenage years, I'm sure I considered floristry as a career. I totally loved it and I learnt so much. I originally thought I would turn the flowers into a business of some kind and had a few ideas floating around my head. But the further I went into the course, I reaslied that I wanted to keep the flowers as a hobby. Something that I do for enjoyment, for me (and for my friends).

Of course I had already conducted all my ThetaHealing courses by this time and knew there was a lot of healing power within the flowers themselves. I did a lot of research and discovered the word "floriology" which dates back to the 1700's in Europe were people would give flowers to each other to depict what they were feeling (based on the meaning of the flower). A beautiful concept that I was in love with but I was more interested in the healing side of things than the messaging.

I have created quite a few healing bouquets for my friends (a sample below if you are interested) and then when I was creating the CHANGING YOUR MIND program... I knew I wanted to bring the healing energy of flowers into the characters. I was actually quite surprised at how many common flowers appeared when I was researching and voila the program, the characters and the flowers all came beautifully together.

My next problem was, how can I incorporate the flowers into the images of the characters? That's when my wonderful designer said... "leave it to me, I have an idea".


When I saw the first samples of Confident Carol and Intuitive Ingrid, I cried. They were absolutely perfect. The designer had taken the flowers, their characteristics and their healing energies and incorporated them into her designs to bring you the 22 wonderful characters you will see within the program.


How I used the characters to write this page:

  • Confident Carol & Brave Bridget to be me and express me and share my story.

  • Intuitive Ingrid to be open to the words that would flow onto the page and write what felt right rather than what I should write. 

  • Worthy Wendy and Trusting Tracey to instil the beliefs that this program is worth sharing and that people will benefit from it.

  • Spiritual Sally trusting that those that resonate will be attracted to the program and join. Putting it out energetically to the world as well as physically. 

  • Dedicated Debbie to spend the time writing and fixing and designing. 

  • Patient Polly to allow the process and not rush to get it finished.

For more information contact:

Nikki Lane