Not everything in life is positive,

but everything in life has positive within it.

Bringing awareness to the fact that you can change your thoughts and your perspective on life to be happier and have more fun.

It’s up to you... you can choose how you see each event in your life... do you look at it positively or negatively?

When we choose to change our thoughts and see the good, the benefit, the plus side, the bright side, the reason for something happening in a positive way it allows us to change our perspective on whatever has just occurred. By changing this perspective it allows us to change our actions and when we change our actions we can change the outcomes.

Here’s a really simple example:

Husband see’s there is a dirty washing basket full of clothes. He puts them in the washing machine and turns it on. When the cycle is finished, the wife goes to the machine to take out the clothes. When she looks in the machine she sees it has been filled with way too many clothes and they’re all creased and scrunched from the spin cycle, plus the darks and the lights are all mixed in, so the whites have black specks all over them.

Scenario One:

She yells out to her husband that he has no idea how to put on a load of washing, telling him that she’ll now have to re-do the wash and it’s a waste of time and water. She even takes a photo of the washing machine and writes a Facebook post about how hopeless her husband is, because look how he washed the clothes.

Scenario Two:

She takes the washing out of the machine and hangs it on the line. Really it doesn’t matter that it was too full, the clothes still got washed. The creases will come out when the wind blows on the line and the specks will come off with a lint brush. She’s just grateful that her husband took the time to put on the washing. She’s grateful that he noticed the dirty washing basket was full in the first place and took action. She says to her husband “thanks so much for putting on that load, it was a great help!”.

One choice of thought to change the perspective of how the wife viewed the situation, which in turn created the different action and the different outcome. So simple and easy but something we aren’t doing in our day-to-day worlds.


Which way are you choosing to view situations in your day?

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